It is important to us that our primary education fits in with the expectations you have as parents as well as the learning needs of your child. We are always open to explaining our educational philosophy to you in person, but to give you an impression of what we can offer we will go through the learning focus for the different year groups.

Learning in group 1/2

Dutch kindergarten education has gained international recognition as an incredibly powerful and good preparation for life-long learning. Learning through play and exploration is key. Our young learners learn how to interact with each other and how to express themselves through play. Teachers create a rich and stimulating learning environment by designing different learning ‘corners’ (they are not always physical corners), in which the students get to play, explore and learn. Through play they will be exposed to their first reading, literacy and mathematical learning activities. English is introduced in twice weekly lessons at this point.

Learning in group 3 till 8

From group 3 onwards the more formal learning starts. Students learn using recognized Dutch learning materials. We have opted for commonly used books in the Netherlands for reading, writing, literacy and mathematics to help our student’s transition when entering or leaving our school. All subjects relating to social studies and the creative subjects are integrated within the thematic units of learning from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Formal English lessons are given twice weekly with the written English curriculum beginning in group 4 and developing to a high standard by group 8.

Our teachers prepare and plan the student’s learning carefully, keeping in mind the differences in development between individual students in the different subjects.