To tailor the learning to the individual needs of our students it is important for us to have a good tracking system and observational instruments to measure the development of our young learners, the social-emotional development of all our students and the learning within the different subjects; reading (technical skills as well as comprehension), spelling and mathematics.

Using the tracking system, the teacher determines twice a year:

  • If a student has made sufficient progress, compared to peers in the Netherlands;
  • If the set learning outcomes are in line with the level and needs of the student;
  • If the student needs extra support;
  • If the teacher needs to change their approach to better suit the learning needs of the student;
  • If parts of the educational program need to be changed to better suit the student’s needs.

Using these statistics, the teacher and Special Educational Needs (SEN) coordinator can:

  • Determine which students might need further testing/observing by the SEN coordinator;
  • Plan for extra support, in or out of class, where needed.

The tracking system offers clear insights into the development of our students. It also helps us evaluate and reflect upon the quality and sufficiency of the education we offer.