Our toddler group welcomes toddlers from 1½ years old and they can, dependent on the wish of the parents and the age of the toddler, come to school between 2 – 5 mornings/days per week. Class is from 8.00 – 12.00, and we offer daycare till 15.00, which is optional.

In a playful manner the toddlers learn to be more self-reliant and independent. Through set routines they practice going to the toilet by themselves (for those who are potty-trained or in the process of), eating by themselves and tidying up and putting on their own apron before painting.

Toddlers are encouraged through play and learning activities to develop their social skills focusing on: sharing, waiting for your turn, listening to and following simple instructions. The development of the Dutch language gets a lot of attention through story-telling, learning discussions and play. Gross motor skills are also at the center of learning and are developed through outside play and toddler PE.

We use the tracking system ‘KIJK’ (look) to follow the development of the toddlers across all developmental areas. The themes from the IEYC program (International Early Years Curriculum), which is part of the IPC, are used to plan the learning. The toddlers focus on the same theme as group 1/2, although the learning targets are tailored to the learning needs of toddlers.

The toddlers work on their fine motor skills by being exposed to and learning to use several techniques, such as; painting, cutting, sticking, tearing and modeling with clay/play-dough.

By attending the toddler group regularly, the toddlers get used to school routines which makes for a smooth transition into the primary section of our school when the student is 4 years old.

The toddlers swim once a week if the weather allows with their own teacher in a small paddling pool so that they can experience the water and feel free in the water preparing them for the swimming lessons which begin in the primary section.