Welcome to the Netherlands School Society library

It is very important to us that your child develops an eagerness to read, not just to aid their language development, but also for enjoyment and relaxation. We have a wide range of Dutch children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction since there is no Dutch library at present in Kenya. We also have an extensive collection of English books, linked to our English curriculum.

We purchase recent books on a yearly basis, to keep our library up-to-date.

Besides learning to appreciate a good book, we also want our students to learn how to store and select books carefully. Library books are therefore taken home in a special blue canvas bag. All students are given a library bag by the school with their name written on it. Every week our ‘library mums’ help the children to exchange their books. The students return the read books to school and can choose 3 new books to take home.

An important yearly event is the ‘Dutch Child Book Week’. This takes every October. During this time, the focus is on reading and learning about books around a certain theme.