The teaching staff at the Netherlands School Society is a closely knit team of various employees.

The team at the Netherlands School Society does not only include teachers. There are a number of other employees who help make it a great school. Besides the formal teaching staff we have Kenyan teaching and learning assistants who are familiar with the Dutch educational system and its philosophy and who know the basics of the Dutch language. With the help of these assistants, your children get the full attention and support they need.

Our gardeners take care of our lush green compound. Two gardeners function as drivers as well and safely take care of picking up and dropping off your children in the school buses. Our administration is done by a Dutch employee who is supported by our concierge. We also have a cleaning lady, who makes sure that the school is neat and tidy.

In addition, we work with two independent consultants. Both English and swimming are taught by these teachers. English is taught to a high standard by a British lady with many years of experience. Swimming is taught by a Dutch lady with a full knowledge of the diploma system. Both of these teachers are passionate about their work and help us broaden the educational curriculum we offer.

We want to offer our employees a safe environment to work in and form a close knit team, who work hard together to ensure that your children learn in an optimal learning environment.