We are a learning focused school. Every student learns differently and the learning process is therefore a personal process. What do we, as the NSS, believe learning is?

Our aim is that students become aware of how they learn and what they learn. They gain new knowledge and develop skills to get to a level of understanding and are able to apply what they have learnt in different situations.

It is important to us that children enjoy learning and that the learning is meaningful. In our school, learning is seen as a social process with time and attention given for play and experiencing. It is our aim that children become independent and bilingual learners and that they develop into critical and creative thinkers. We want our students to be motivated to learn, to feel safe and valued in school and to view learning as a life-long process.

Our students spend a considerable chunk of their time in school. A safe learning environment and a ‘Growth-Mindset Culture’ are key points. Every student is unique and we believe that every student has the opportunity to grow. We want to offer our students a challenging learning environment with clear structures. It is important to us that students feel safe in school and that there is a strong level of trust between students and their teachers. This trust gives students a sense of competency (‘I can do it’) and autonomy (independence and independent thinking), to help them develop appropriately. The well-being of our students is a high priority within this school. We encourage relationships where there is mutual respect. Everyone in school should feel valued.

Our pedagogical climate

We encourage the social-emotional development of our students. We ensure that:

  • Students know that they belong to their class/our school and that they are welcome;
  • Students know that we value them;
  • Students treat each other in a respectful manner;
  • Their responsibilities are pointed out to them in a positive manner;
  • Students can work independently within their own capacity;
  • Students can work within an orderly and functional environment;
  • Students learn to put trust in themselves;
  • Students can work within a clear structure;
  • Students are challenged in their learning;
  • Students learn about different cultures and their values.