For Dutch schools abroad, a complaints procedure has been developed. The first point of action is always to take the complaint to the person or persons who are directly involved with it. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: parents take up the complaint directly with the teacher

Step 2: if there is no satisfactory solution, the complaint is taken to the school Principal

Step 3: If there is still not a satisfactory solution, the complaint can be addressed to the school board. The board will consult with all parties and will hopefully bring the complaint to a satisfactory solution.

We also have an external trust person who may be called upon. The trust person will consult with all parties involved and will hopefully assist in bringing the complaint to a satisfactory solution. Details on our trust person can be found in the school guide.

Should through all this the issue still not be resolved to a satisfactory level, then the complaint can be escalated to the ‘complaints procedure for education abroad’.